Brian K. Applegate

Codex: Lost Words of Atlantis ~ People ForWords

About: Codex: Lost Words of Atlantis is an exciting, globe-trotting journey to far-off lands where YOU, the player, will uncover long-lost relics of the once great civilization of Atlantis. Through your quest to decipher the forgotten language of Atlantis, you will develop and strengthen your own reading skills!

• Developed for adults – but open (and safe) for all ages!
• Solve puzzles to decipher the lost language of Atlantis!
• Uncover the secrets of a lost civilization!
• Visit real-world locations around the world and learn their history!
• Meet interesting and quirky characters!
• Strengthen your reading skills while having fun!

Development Info:
My Position: Producer
Development Length: 18 weeks (my active time) | Ongoing
Team Size: 11 Developers
Weekly Work Hours Per Developer: 10-29 hours
Engine: | Mobile(Android)

In the United States alone, 32 million adults cannot read, including almost 20% of high-school graduates. People ForWords made this game to address this cause and to compete in the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPrize.


My Role



  • Coordinated with Product Owners to prioritize and schedule features
  • Facilitated team communication through Slack for solving blockers and ensuring cohesion
  • Prepared constructive team meetings and milestone planning
  • Organized, tracked, and identified tasks with development team utilizing Trello
  • Setup and maintained bug tracking pipelines and bug reports


PandamoniumRiskPlanThis is just one meeting agenda as an example for meetings I organized every week. With the entire team working virtual during the week, these were crucial meetings to ensure the team was on the same page and could discuss complex problems or decisions.