Brian K. Applegate

Unreal Engine 4 Designer Tool ~ Mirror Symmetry Mode

About: Mirror Symmetry Mode is a tool designed to help speed up the creation of levels. It aids designers to more quickly generate duplicate actors across a designer defined axis. Unreal Engine 4 has a mirroring function already, but it is limited to Unreal’s x,y,z (0,0,0) local actor axis only. This tool removes that limitation and allows a designer to specify the axis in which objects can mirror across. In addition, the tool allows for mirroring of attached actors, meaning entire rooms can be mirrored quicker and easier.

Must have the free SDA Plugin for this blueprint System to work.

Development Info:
My Position: Programmer
Development Length: 2 weeks
Team Size: Individual work
Total Hours Invested: 30 hours
Engine: Unreal Engine 4 | PC

Major Accomplishments:

  • Ability to mirror almost any type of actor including static meshes
  • Mirroring of attached actors, enabling quicker world creation
  • Designers can twist the axis to any orientation for mirroring across odd layouts
  • Move-ability of axis with actor placement auto-updating
  • Actors can mirror over any axis including the z-axis
  • Ability to create instances of all mirrored objects for individual attribute changes
  • BSP deep reference mirroring that updates brushes on geometry changes