Brian K. Applegate

Mowin’ and Throwin’ ~ 2016 Extra Life Charity Game Jam

About: Mowin’ and Throwin’ was created using Unreal Engine 4 for the Extra Life 2016 – Charity Game Jam organized at SMU Guildhall. We helped raise over $9,000 dollars!

Mowin’ and Throwin’ is a 2v2 local multiplayer game. The red gnomes and the blue gnomes have been at war for who has the best kept lawn. Who will you fight for? The game has one simple condition…mow your lawn the fastest. One more thing though, the other team can make your grass grow back! Good luck.

Development Info:
My Position: Programmer
Development Length: 20 hours | Completed December 2016
Team Size: 16 Developers
Engine: Unreal 4.13 | PC

My Role



  • Implemented team select, mower select, and corresponding menu interfaces
  • Programmed “miracle grow” object mechanics (object with timer)
  • Set up UI functionality for gasoline left and team progress

About Extra Life:

See our part of the Extra Life stream here: Mowin’ and Throwin’